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Macerators & Grinder


Macerators / Grinder Units

These tanks can be used to lift the wastewater stream to the inlet of our redFox units or reduce the size of the particulate to send to the sea.

Typical Features:

  • Control Panel for Simplex Pump Operation
  • H/O/A Level Control
  • Skid Mounted with Lifting Lugs (macerates to 1/4" solid or less)
  • External or Internal Mounted Pumps
  • Submersible Sewage Handling Pump
  • Simplex or Duplex Configurations
Macerator 3

RedFox Grinder Tanks consists of the pump, a tank, and a control panel. A cutting mechanism macerates waste and grinds the sewage.

The pump is controlled by a level float sensor on demand. Options include: duplex pumps, explosion proof electrical configuration

WaterFox® Sewage Macerator

The new waterFox® macerator is designed for the offshore platform which does not require the sewage treatment unit. Regulations specify that waste solids must be no more than 1/4" in size. The waterFox®macerator operates using high pressure water from the platform fire pump or other source to hydraulically rip the solids apart to 1/4 inch or smaller solids. Simply connect the waterFox® inline to the existing sewage line the unit is ready to operate.

waterFox® Features:

  • Single frame construction - Schedule 80 piping - Oversized back plates - Patent nozzles - No moving parts - No electricity required - No maintenance needed
Tech Data
Sewage Water FlowGravity In / Gravity Out
Feed Water Flow:Continuous
Feed Water Type:Fresh or Salt Water
Minimum Feed Water Pressure:30 PSI
Maximum Feed Water Pressure:90 PSI
Sewage Inlet / Outlet Size:4"
Feed Water Inlet Size:3/4"
Nozzle Size:3/4"
Dimensions:4' 10" long, 1' 7" Wide


The redFox Cajun Crusher is available in (3) models: 12 ft, 30 ft, and 40 ft. All models are offered with the options of electric over hydraulic or pneumatic over hydraulic and have the capability of crushing 55 gallon steel drums.

12 ft3 Model30 ft3 Model40 ft3 Model
Length: 4' 0"Length: 7' 0"Length: 7 10 1/2"
Width: 3' 10"Width: 4' 6"Width: 5' 2"
Height: 7' 1"Height: 8' 3"Height: 8' 9"
Weight: 2000 lbs.Weight: 3800 lbs.Weight: 4000 lbs.
ControlsOptionsWelding ProceduresAccessories
ManualAir Over Hydraulic or Electric Over HydraulicBuilt to AWS D.1.1 Standards Utilizing Continuous Seal Welds.Trash Bin moves in/out hydraulically (30 and 40 ft. models)