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Heat Exchangers

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Air/Liquid Heat Exchangers

Process Drying | Heat Recovery | Space Heating | Cooling Condensing | Blast Cooling

It's the number of permutation and combinations that makes turnbull & Scott the right choice

All Turnbull and Scott Industrial Heat Exchangers are custom designed and built. The number of variables means that we can produce a practical solution to match your heat load and airflow requirements.


  • On-demand technical advice and support
  • Full installation service avail
  • Robust construction for ling life
  • Low maintenance
  • Designed and built to your specifications and requirements

Process Dryers & Space Heaters

Low Maintenance, Economical, Sensible

Moving warm air to where you wait it to be

Turnbull & Scott Turnbull & Scott Process Dryers and Space Heaters fundamentally consist of a fan and a heat exchange battery. Generally, air is drawn from the ouside and ducted over a heat exchange battery (steam, water or thermal fluid) to warm the air and increase operational efficiency.

Each solution is designed and built to meet your demands. Finned Tube is available in copper, aluminium or steel. The range of specification options is immense.

Process Drying for

  • Chemical or Textiles Processing
  • Grain Drying or Concrete Curing
  • Paper or Tobacco Processing
  • Food Processing

Space Heating for

  • Factories & Greenhouses
  • Hospitals & Museums
  • Swimming Pools & Public Areas
  • Warehouses & Workshops

Heat Recovery Economisers

Straightforward, effective energy saving from exhaust gases

Making the most of wasted heat

Turnbull & Scott Heat Recovery Economisers are specificall designed to work effectively within any largescale industrial flue. Custom built to meet your specification in stainless or mild steel finned tube, our Economisers are designed so that the flue function is unaffected.


  • Uses waste heat to (recover) heat water for process, heating power generation or pre-heat water to reduce boiler running costs and energy consumption reduces running costs for all applications
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Built to your specification
  • Experienced installation available
  • Couples to Electrotherm electricity generation

Space Heating for

  • Space Heating
  • Process Heating
  • Electricity Generation
  • Pre-heating Boiler Water

Air Coolers & Condensers

Ideal for recovery of solvent from air, reduction of moisture content or cooling air

Cost-saving Intelligence at work

Put simply, an air cooler is a heat exchanger with a fan. Cold water is piped through the heat exchanger and hot air is blown over the grilled tubing. THa cold water in the finned tubing cools the air and allows solvent or moisture recovery as well as temperature reduction.

Ideal for

  • Chemical Plants
  • Refineries
  • Gasification Plants
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Space Cooling

Blast Coolers.

A sophisticated yet simple concept

Run your process at optimum temperature for improved efficiency

Reduce costs and improve efficiency

Turnbull & Scott Blast Coolers, also known as air blown coolers, feature a robust extended surface heat exchanger combined with a power driven fan that blows cool air over the fins of the heat exchanger to dramatically reduce the temperature of excess output from a boiler or manufacturing process. Maybe used as a steam-condensing unit.

Our robust, quality built coolers are designed to your specification and maybe used to reduce hot water temperature or condense steam using air at ambient temperature.

Industrial applications include engine or generator cooling, water jacket cooling or process water cooling.


  • Designed to your specification
  • Compact and easy to install
  • Low maintenance
  • Excess heat available for recycling
  • Stops overheating
  • Maintains optimum working temperature
  • Little on no visual impact
  • Reduce water usage and cost
  • Ideal for machinery running 24/7