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Maxi Marine – 17RA / 17SA

Large capacity units for marine applications

The Maxi Marine units are manufactured from stainless steel up to 1,000 litres or copper lined steel when up to 5,000 litres. The Maxi Marine units are well known for their reliability around the world and on the seven seas. Customer specified down to the last detail ensures the Maxi Marine units is the perfect it for whatever hot water needs is required for shipping, offshore, yachts or other marine applications.

Close cooperation and specification in collaboration with the shipyard and client is the key to our success on the seven seas. Steam from engines, boilers, cooling etc. can all be utilized to produce hot water on ships and offshore installations. Aggressive water conditions as well as aggressive exterior conditions are being handled by the high-end specification of these units. All details and requirements are being taken into account when manufacturing the Maxi Marine units - one at a time for our customers.

The Maxi Marine units are represented worldwide, and OSO's market share for marine hot water cylinders is significant. We are proud to deliver hot water to the most demanding customers.