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Blast and Wind Shield Cladding Systems

Cladding for several purposes, in aluminium, galvanised steel or stainless steel 316L: heatshield cladding, blast relief cladding and windshieldcladding.

Windshield Cladding

Single skin corrugated sheeting with profile height of 35 mm. fixed to supporting rails with stainless steel self tapping bolts. Special gaskets will be used to separate dissimilar materials where required to aviod galvanic corrosion.

Maximum unsupported span of cladding will be approximately 1800 mm.


  • Galvanised Steel Provided with Plastisol Coilcoating
  • Stainless Steel 316L
  • Aluminium

Blast Relief Cladding

Base principle will be windshield cladding. Fixing of cladding will be by special in-house design relief bolts.

Blast relief cladding systems will provide venting from an internal explosion. Cladding panels will open up and give minimum 75% clear opening within a time period of 4msec after reaching a maximum overpressure of 0.05 bar.

If required, additional holding devices can be provided to retain the panels during opening.

Heatshield Cladding

Heatshield cladding panels are based on a single skin type, when required supplied complete with framing. These panels will be bolted to a back-up framing. Materials for heatshields will be stainless steel 316L.

Heatshield panels will as a minimum meet the following criteria:

  • Up to 75% reduction in radiation from the external to the internal face of the panels
  • Visibility through the panels
  • Natural ventilation through the panels


Louvres will be a prefabricated system consisting of louvre blades complete with suitable framing. The louvre design is optimised due consideration to the pressure drop and air flow.

The blades will be a profiled type and fixed by either welding or bolting to the panel framing. Materials for louvres can be either aluminium, stainless steel or pre-coated galvanised steel.