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Blast and Fire Resistant Walls

InterDam has a large variety of wall designs, consisting of a bolted wall design (IDM ProPanel) and a welded wall configuration (IDM Panel Welded). Both systems range from A0 up to H120 fire rating.

IDM Fire Panel is the newest A60 fire wall, the generation wall system of the 21st century with advantages that save time and costs for your project.

To complete the range we also have our own design cladding system (blast relief), louvres and heat shields.

For example drawings, fire approvals and product datasheets are available upon request.

Advantages of our wall systems include:

  • These wall types comprise a thin-gauged galvanised coil, coated or stainless steel and pre-insulated elements shaped to offer an optimal span to weight ratio, and are bolted to the supporting structure
  • The systems quite easily allow for adoptions to deviations at site as no welding or any other hot work or painting is required, therefore they are pre-eminently suited for refurbishment jobs
  • These wall types exhibit optimal weight efficiency by their corrugated shape, which can be engineered to suit any set of boundary conditions with regard to span, loading and available depth
  • The wall systems can easily be accommodated to withstand the specified blast overpressure, they are fully (seal) welded for 100% air, gas and water tightness Apart from these standard systems regularly modified types are designed to suit specific project requirements that cannot be met with standard systems, such as blast resistance, jet fire requirements etc.Please click on the datasheets below for more information on our walls.

The bolted or welded wall panel system 'IDM ProPanel' secures the safety of your environment. Lightweight wall systems of all fire ratings with blast rating if required.

A blast wall can be regarded as a firewall for which an additional functional requirement applies, i.e. that apart from the usual wind loading, the wall needs to be able to resist a certain blast overpressure. As a consequence the IDM Propanel and the IDM Panel Welded, in principle can be considered as a blast wall. To extend the favourable characteristics of our IDM-Propanel systems to blast wall applications with large spans and higher blast loads, a hybrid shape has been developed comprising columns integrated in the wall system at a relatively short spacing (2.0 - 3.0 metre), to carry the blast loads transferred from IDM-Propanel infill panels. In this hybrid shape a discrimination has been made between the load bearing function (hot rolled carbon steel columns) and the separating function, i.e. the infill panels. This 'best of both worlds' solution takes advantage of both the favourable high strength characteristics of hot rolled sections and the light weight, separating and insulating properties of the walls. Especially for walls that are required to have a stainless steel external skin this blast wall is a very competitive structure.

Jet Fire

Just as blast a jet fire resistance specified for a wall can be regarded merely as an additional functional requirement. Therefore basically all our wall systems can be considered in this respect. Jet fires are characterized by a local concentrated heat input that is more severe that the effect of a hydrocarbon fire.